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Cricket Betting Odds

Cricket is a complex game for many of us and it gets much more confusing when you try to dive more deeper into it. All the different formats and teams across the globe makes it exciting as well as perplexing. Betting on cricket games also becomes a tougher job because of the same reason. That’s why we here are listing out all the best cricket betting odds from approved sites to make the job easier for you. Here you could bet on all the upcoming matches with the help of regularly updated odds.

Welcome to’s Betting Odds page.

Here you will find everything you need to know about betting odds and how we list out all the best possible odds of every cricket match that are open for betting. We would be listing out a comprehensive collection of all the greatest betting sites along with the odds they offer.

Odds are generally unstable and we try our best to get updated with the latest odds available in the market. Take a glance at the prime collection of cricket betting odds right here.

Cricket Betting Odds Explained

As we go along it is important that you know what exactly odds are and why it is important in cricket betting. Odds can be simply put across as the chances that a team of person to succeed in a cricket match.

There are four possible outcomes for a cricket match in general. They are either a win for both the teams or a draw and a tie. In limited overs cricket, there is no draw as there is only a single innings available for both teams.

For Example, the betting odds for the various results of a Test match between India and England are such that you may gamble on India winning, the match ending in a tie, or England winning.

The odds will be 1.35 if you wish to wager on India. This implies that if you put 1,000 rupees for India to win, you will earn 1,350 rupees if India defeats England - you will collect your stake plus 350 rupees as profits. It is important to understand that the payout you are going to receive at the end entirely depends on the bettings odds available for that bet.

Wager amount x betting odds = Payout

1,000 x 1.35 = 1,350

Just calculate your stake value by the betting odds to determine how much you will earn if your bet wins. You can bet 325 rupees on England to win at 4.60 odds, and then you will earn 1,495 rupees if England wins the match at the end - 325 * 4.60 = 1,495 rupees.

325 x 4.60 = 1,495

The simple thing that you have to keep in mind is to multiply the wager with the odds available and in that way you will be able to know how much you could win at the end.

We will be listing out the most accurate betting odds for all International matches starting from live games to upcoming contests.

How are Odds Determined?

The sportsbook sets the odds for each tournament advance, and they're often transferred across to the real marketplace during the occasion. These odds will be influenced by a variety of things. The bookmakers will examine previous form as well as the relative capabilities of the rivals and the individuals included.

The head to head stats would also be considered to determine whether one of the teams has an edge over the other. They would also consider the home ground advantage. The bookies will then perform their assessments and apply a system that assures they will generate a return from their client base altogether.

Types of Betting Odds at

Odds differ from place to place as the sports betting world involves various types of betting odds. There are basically three kinds of odds available for cricket betting and we cover all three for your convenience. The variation in these odds are based on the region that the sportsbooks are from. European sportsbooks use decimal as well as fractional odds whereas sportsbooks in the US mostly use American odds which is also known as Moneyline odds. Fractional odds are another kind of odds used in the UK as well as some other European sportsbooks. Even though these odds appear as different kinds, ultimately they serve the same purpose. It narrows down to the personal preferences whether to go with decimal, fractional or moneyline odds.

Decimal Odds

Decimal odds are the most widely used format of betting odds all across the world. It is easy to understand and this simplicity factor makes them the most trusted. As the name indicates decimal odds are similar to decimal numbers and would read something like 3.20. It shows how much your basic wager will be increased if you win the bet. To know how much you could get in return from your wager, you simply need to calculate your winning and subtract it from the total winnings.

American Odds

American odds or Moneyline odds are predominantly used in the United States. There will be positive or negative signs in front of the number given as odds. The favorites are underdogs are the categories in which you could make a bet. Favorites would carry a negative or minus sign whereas the underdog would be having a positive or plus sign near to the odds number. For instance, if a favorite group has odds of -200, you must wager $100 to receive a total payment of $300 if your wager wins.

Fractional Odds

Fractional odds are present in the fractional format as the name suggests. The two digits are commonly separated by a slash character. However, the hyphen sign is often used as well. 5/1 is an example of fractional odds. This basically implies that for every 1 INR wagered, you will receive 5 INR if your guesses are right. The fractional odds are rather common among UK bookmakers.

Why Should You Choose Our Betting Odds?

Bettings odds are highly important when it comes to cricket betting and our team is particular in providing the most accurate odds available for every match that is present in the betting markets. Our aim is to support our bettors with the right choices as betting as a long term activity can be tricky.

Cricket betting is much more vast and diverse which requires a deeper understanding and odds are the main factor which leads to the outcome of a cricket match. It is not simply picking the winner of a particular match, but in fact working on all aspects in which it narrows down to selecting the highest odds for that particular bet.

If you are able to make a bet using greater odds, you will also get much more return than normal stake and you can also use it in the future stakes as well. That is why determining the correct betting odds are essential for a bettor.

What Are Betting Exchange Sites?

Betting exchanges are large marketplaces where you will be able to find all the varieties of bats available on every match. They enable gamblers to compete against one another. This effectively implies that you represent the bookmakers and place bets on other members on the marketplace. As a result, a free market concept is in operation now, which adds to the favorable odds.

Keep in mind that, contrary to a traditional provider, a betting exchange does not profit if you fail. There is no 'margin' or 'cut' that is involved in this case. Instead of that they will be taking a percentage of your overall earnings. They are able to make more money with the more bettors try to play and win. This is also why several players choose them over traditional bookies.

We list out all the best betting exchanges right here to keep everything up to date. Our motive is to keep our bettors aware of the top betting odds available in these betting exchanges by listing the greater odds.

How Do We Evaluate the Best Cricket Betting Odds?

Finding the best odds for cricket betting is one of the toughest jobs as they would vary from sportsbook to sportsbook. People have various perspectives on what they believe is likely to occur in the game of cricket and due to that selecting the perfect odds becomes much more difficult.

When it comes to cricket betting, you must be aware that the odds are never steady. Things are constantly changing due to many circumstances. While determining cricket betting odds, bookmakers use complicated statistical formulae and a range to determine the most realistic possibility. The range may vary from each betting site.

While determining betting odds for this sport, each bookmaker has a different default margin. We here try to pick the best of the lot and list them for our bettors to have a better outcome for their stake. Certain betting companies consistently give superior cricket betting odds than their competitors. And our job is to identify those which are worthy of listing on our website for the greater good.

Cricket Tournaments For Which Odds Are Available

CricketBettingIndia is keen on providing the wide variety of cricket betting odds across betting markets and we here enables oru bettors to compare the odds from different websites on every tournament that are present. We maintain our focus on every tournament that is played from lower division to international matches to list out the different odds from each and every provider for comparison.

Each and every bettor would have a preference for the kind of cricket tournaments that they wish to wager on. We are aware of the same fact and try to get updated with the best possible odds for every cricket tournament that happens across the globe, whether they are major or minor. We treat every tournament in the same manner and try to provide the best odds possible. We cover a wide range of tournaments from Indian Premier League, Pakistan Super League, Big Bash League and many more.

We treat every International tour at a close scrutiny to provide odds across platforms for comparison. There are many cricket tours that happen every time and it is not possible for bettors to find the right choice of odds and come down to a conclusion keeping in mind that the odds would be altering every now and then. Therefore, we are keen on listing the best betting odds for every cricket tournament for comparison.

We cover all tournaments including major trophies across formats including T20 internationals, One Day Internationals and Test cricket like the ODI World Cup, ICC World Test Championship and T20 World Cup, Asia Cup etc.

Compare Cricket Betting Odds at

You can check up on the best odds available for every tournament right here and because of the fact that we list out the updated odds across markets, you are free for comparison. But, before that it is important to have enough knowledge about how odds work in a cricket match. Have a standard understanding of the betting odds and its function enables seamless comparison across tournaments.

Odds give you an understanding of the possibility of the prediction coming out as right or vice versa. The term "odds comparison" implies exactly what it reads . It is the practice of comparing alternative betting odds from numerous bookmakers. As previously stated, most bookmakers present a set of betting odds that players must use while placing bets.

Cricket betting odds would provide an idea of the outcome of a cricket match and help you make a decision on whether that particular stake is worthy or not. Cricket betting odds can always vary across bookmakers and we select the best out of all and list them out for comparison. It is based on intense research which will be up to date as well. Odd comparison enables one to pick the best of all the odds that are listed and receive the best possible results.

Bookmakers That Are Available for Comparison

Choosing the right bookmakers is as important as placing the bet because the better the odds, the better the stake outcome would be. We list out all the best possible odds across markets for comparison. Our comprehensive list of bookmakers includes brands like PureWin, Parimatch, Casumo, Crickex, ComeOn, 10Cric, Fun88, Betway etc.


Betway is one of the tycoons when it comes to betting markets and they are on our primary list of bookmakers for odds comparison. Betway covers every sport available for betting and also has a strong emphasis on cricket in particular. Users can also place bets on a variety of esports games as they are not one dimensional. You may also place lucrative bets on over 3,000 betting markets with competitive sports betting odds. The bookmaker greets clients with an appealing sports betting incentive. This also gets you interested with a vast range of enticing recurring offers. They own a legal foundation and a gambling license from the prestigious Malta Gaming Authority.


PureWin even though a predominantly casino focused website has strong emphasis on

sports as well. They provide live and pre-wagering options for followers of cricket. PureWin has chosen to devote significant focus to the Indian market. Just about all activities are available for betting along with live streaming for specified events as well.

Even though the market has a great collection of sports that goes up to 40 that are available for betting, they focus more on cricket because of the acceptance of the Indian audience. They hold a license from Curacao which is one of the toughest licensing systems in the world.


Casumo has a high recognition in Europe, and after only a few years of work in India, it has established a solid foothold. They are one of the primary choices which provide accurate odds for cricket matches. Casumo has a good selection of sports betting choices, including cricket, football, tennis, basketball, and others. Casumo definitely focuses on Indian users with a dedicated website and welcome offer, and cricket is heavily incorporated as well. They are highly focused on the updated odds that are available. Casumo offers competitive odds, an amazing mobile betting interface, solid cricket betting choices, and reasonable betting incentives. Casumo is officially licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority


Fun88 is a popular online betting service in India which also has a greater interest in cricket. Fun88 is a worldwide recognized brand that offers a wide range of games, betting kinds, top online betting odds, and free incentives. Providing great respect for investment supported by outstanding software, making payments simple while remaining clean and protected. They are on our list of bookmakers which are up to date with the best crickets odds available online. FUN88 is licensed and regulated under the purview of Philippine Amusement & Gaming Corporation.

Cricket Betting Odds FAQ

Yes, the odds in cricket betting change every time. For instance, odds on a clear favorite might continue to fall until the bookmaker believes it has balanced all prospective losses and decreased their risks.
Odds are the things that stand between you and your high percentage of return for each of your stake. The better the odds, the more you could benefit from the bet. So, it is really important to be aware of the best cricket betting odds available.
CricketBettingIndia is mindful of the importance of odds in a cricket bet and we here try to list out the best of the lot starting from sites like 888sport, Betfair, Unibet etc.