Exploring the Best Cricket Betting Apps

India and cricket have a longstanding relationship that has always managed to grab headlines. With stadiums being filled and fans occupying the evening slot to watch television, cricket and Indians share a relationship like no other. Thanks to the impact of this strong bond, things are certainly going to reach a different extent and spread across places. And one such place is betting. Yes, that’s right. Cricket betting is quite famous in the country and fans are always looking out for the best apps to carry forward the process. So if you’re one among them, the following write-up is here to help you out.

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The craze behind cricket does not require a further explanation because we are all aware of how the country acts when there is a match on screen. However, we do require a brief introduction to cricket betting because many are just getting started with the process. Despite laws not favouring gambling and betting, the online betting sector has managed to find ways to get things going. They are able to develop legal and registered online casinos to help people experience and explore gambling.

Thanks to that, betting on cricket has been a main topic of discussion and everyone loves to keep on checking the odds in a manner like no other. With the goal being to win the game, we are always bound to explore betting options one after the other. So to avoid the hassle of exploring online betting sites, it is safer and easier to check out betting apps. Cricket betting apps are all over town and picking out the best one from the lot is a task that requires effort, research and time.

Since we have managed to get over all those requirements, we have brought forward a list like never before. However, to receive a complete take on these aspects, you need to know the best set of features that need to be placed inside an app in order to call it the best. So without further ado, here’s what you need to be looking for in a cricket betting app.

Top Features of Cricket Betting Apps

A Simple User Interface

The need to complicate things and take it all in a different manner is a requirement that nobody wants to explore. As a result, it is always important to get used to apps that offer a simple user interface. In this manner, you will get used to what they provide and will be able to move all-around their gaming options, in a bid to get the hang of it. Thanks to all that, a simple user interface is the first thing that you need to be looking out for in a cricket betting app.

Must Include Cricketing Leagues and Tournaments

If you happen to come across an app that only includes a particular league or tournament, then the whole point of betting is lost. Cricket is a huge sport and includes a ton of leagues and tournaments. And the apps that you explore, need to have all the major tournaments and leagues to complete the picture. As a result, it is always ideal to check out their gaming options and various other features before signing up.

Bonuses and Promotional Offers

The very thought about receiving a bonus or a promotional offer is going to make things count and help you get what you need. As a result, it is always going to be exciting when you get to witness online betting sites that provide the same. So the next features that every betting site needs to have are bonuses and promotional offers that not only include a welcome bonus but also additional bonuses that keep you going through time.

Safety and Security

You don’t require a betting site that is illegal, spreads out all your personal information and ends up taking all your money. Instead, you need a betting app that is safe, follows all the required set of guidelines and is well recognised in the world of betting. Apps that provide the same will have a specific license and that is the element that you need to explore. By doing so, you will get a clear idea of the app and how well it operates in India.

Fast and Effective

A slow app is not only going to ruin things for the worse but impacts a difficult process that takes away all the fun. Due to that, choosing top betting apps that are fast and effective in their approach are the kind of aspect that we need to be looking at. By doing so, the process becomes easy and you will start to get a hang of things in the right manner. However, leaving aside these features and forgetting all about them will land you in trouble and make things look worse.

Now that we are aware of the best features that need to be placed in apps, it is time to check out some of the best apps that provide these features. So here are the best cricketing apps that you need to check out.

Top Cricket Betting Apps 2021


If a good welcome bonus and an exclusive gaming experience are what you are after, Betway tends to be the ideal deal. It is an important app that comes on board to offer players a unique betting experience that not only captures the moment but also takes things beyond a particular point. Their gaming options and features are second to none, thereby, making them one of the best betting apps for cricket. Apart from all that, there is more to Betway because cricket is not the only sport that they have to offer.

Their list is a massive one and includes the kind of aspects and features that you need the most. Hence, it is safe to say that Betway has it all.

10 Cric

A name like 10 Cric is bound to get the message across and help you understand their aim and agenda. It is a top betting app that offers welcome bonuses leading up to ₹. 20,000. Moreover, they tend to include all major tournaments and leagues, thereby helping you cement your position and place bets on everything. And to top it all, their app is fast, free and quite effective in its approach to cricket betting. As a result, choosing 10 Cric tends to make sense and you will surely be glad about the kind of experience that it aims to offer.


LeoVegas.com is another outstanding cricket betting app that aims to offer the best form of gambling experience. From welcome bonuses to loyalty bonuses, there is a lot to look forward to and by doing so, you can start to get an idea of all that it offers. The 100% profit boost that comes with its welcome offer and the fact that an account can be set in less than 3 minutes is not only inspiring but the kind of features that one requires the most. Due to that, LeoVegas.com is another notable addition to this list and by exploring their features, you will surely get what you need.

Parimatch App

Parimatch App not only shines with features like instant withdrawal and top betting options but also takes things a little further with free live streaming of the Indian Premier League (IPL). Yes, that’s right. Parimatch App has a lot to offer and it begins the journey with special features that will always be remembered for good. Apart from that, their bonus offers are going to leave a mark and by exploring it, you can begin to acknowledge the different ways through which you can get things moving.

Leon Bet App

New and improved betting sites are always a welcome bonus and exploring it will surely help you reach places. While they might not offer an established guide like the rest, they do possess the power to get things around and help you look at things differently. As a result, Leon Bet App, which is a new brand, is a top app that you need to explore in this regard. Their odds tend to stand the test of time and provide a convenient form of betting that works well for everyone. In terms of bonuses, they are jam-packed with offers and you are bound to love them all.

Pure Win

Considering the fascination and thrill that cricket brings to Indians, it is inevitable for us to stick to a small list. There are several apps that are not only hogging the spotlight but deserve to be placed in the right spot. And one of those apps is Pure Win. From casino gambling to sports betting, Pure Win comes packed with a load of features and gaming options like no other. And by exploring it, you will certainly find a solution for cricket betting. So if bonuses, several payment systems and a classified brand are what you are after, Pure Win is the one for you.

Important Points to Know About Cricket Betting

Choosing any one of the above-mentioned apps is not only going to get you started but will also help stake your claim in the world of cricket betting. However, there are a few more points that you need to know about and considering its impact, we classify them to be important. Hence, here are a few essential points about cricket betting.

Opting for Live Betting

Live Betting trends to come on board with a lot of benefits and exploring it is going to make things count. Apart from replacing the traditional method of betting, Live Betting goes a step further to include betting odds that constantly change according to the game. You will also be receiving the right kind of information at an instant and will not have to wait for things to materialize. Thanks to that, Live Betting is certainly the way forward and an important point in cricket betting.

The Ability to Take Risks

If you’re someone who is not willing to take risks and accommodate a few losses then betting might not be the best activity for you. The risks that come with betting are, at times, unavoidable and it is all about going through the process in the right manner. Once you do get the hang of it, things are bound to move forward and help you realise how exciting and fun betting can be. So look into these aspects of betting and then make a decision for good.


The need to be attentive is an important one in the world of sports betting. Not only does it come with a lot of benefits but also helps you move through a few losses that may or may not have come when you were not paying enough attention. Due to that, being attentive and staying focused are important aspects of betting that go a long way to make sense. And in order to process things in the right manner, it is also important to enable notifications from apps as they remind you of what’s coming next.

Terms and Conditions

While the apps that we have suggested are legal and licensed, it is still important to read through their terms and conditions before signing up to enjoy their services. Terms and conditions give you an idea of what it is like to use their app and the different areas of change that are going to appear sooner or later. With these aspects coming together, you will have everything that you need and the process will be one to watch out for. So don’t forget to read the terms and conditions of cricket betting apps.


Betting apps that are legal and regulated to function in our country are completely safe and using them will help you make the most of the process. To make the process simple, you can read through our suggestions and complete the deal in a matter of time.
Yes, betting apps do have a deposit and a withdrawal limit, which can clearly be found in their terms and conditions. So go ahead and read through these points before signing up for betting apps.
There is a huge difference between betting apps and sites and understanding that will help you choose the one that you prefer the most. However, in terms of a convenient and comfortable option, it is apps that tend to seal the deal for good.