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Legality Of Betting

India is a peculiar country when it comes to gambling and the legality of betting. With regards to gambling, certain regions like Goa have legalised the use of floating casinos by casino owners and gamblers alike.

Gambling is considered to be legal on these floating casinos in accordance with the ordinance enacted by the jurisdiction. For example, floating casinos in the Goa region are established and operate under the ‘Goa, Daman and Diu Gambling Act of 1976’.

Today with an ever-rising interest in online sports betting by Indian gamblers, the issue of the legality of betting in India is taking on an even greater level of importance. One sport that a large number of Indians love playing, watching and indeed placing bets on is the game of Cricket.

For some years now, many sports betting sites based in other countries have actively participated in Cricket betting, offering avenues for gamblers to make money from bets on Cricket games. Cricket betting tips are also readily available online to help give gamblers a heads up before they place their respective bets.

In times gone by, many Indians have been known to satisfy their urge to bet on Cricket games in two ways. One way is to get on board foreign online sport betting sites to place bets using E-wallets. The other way is to take advantage of the flourishing illegal gambling scene in India.

However, times have now changed for the better for the average Indian gambler with Cricket betting sites in India now a reality. The rate at which these betting sites spring up in India is a testament to the increasing demand for sports betting by the general public with a particular interest in Cricket betting.

The scandal made the legality of betting famous in India

It is no secret that the IPL match-fixing scandal of 2013 placed a huge spotlight on both sports betting and gambling in general in India. The scandal led to the Supreme Court instituting a panel comprising of three active members. One of the reasons why this panel was set up was to critically examine the legality of betting with particular attention to legalising Cricket betting in India.

Chaired by RM Lodha, this panel of enquiry eventually recommended that Cricket betting should be legalised in India. The legality of betting is seen as a way of curtailing the excesses of illegal, unscrupulous gambling outfits in India.

The recommendations of this panel resulted in the holding of a general consensus by the Law Commission to gather the opinions of the average Indian citizen with regards to gambling and sports betting.

The general consensus was that by ensuring the legality of betting in India, the incidence of blackmail, intimidation, violence and other criminal vices by illegal gambling operators will be seriously curtailed. As a matter of fact, the All India Gaming Federation surmised that with regards to illegal Cricket betting, India potentially loses as much as 2 lakh crore annually.

Even the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry or FICCI got into the act by organising a conference which they titled “Regulating Sports Betting In India: A Vice To Be Tamed”. The outcome of the conference hinted at overwhelming support for the legality of betting especially sports betting in India. The general agreement was that by legalising betting in India the incidence of match-fixing in whatever guise would be greatly minimised.

Cricket betting is unique in the sense that gamblers can place bets at different points in a typical game. While bets can be placed on the overall result, this is not the only area where gamblers can place their bets.

Cricket betting is dynamic and bets can be placed on something as seemingly trivial as which team wins the coin toss before the commencement of a match. Bets can also be placed on the performance of individual players in a match which makes Cricket Odds very flexible as it all depends on what part of a game you intend wagering on.

So, is online betting legal in India?

There are now many legal betting sites in India where the Indian gambling public can place various types of bets. These sites offer sports betting opportunities and this also includes betting on virtual sporting events. You now have different IPL betting sites in operation where you can place bets in Cricket games.

So in answering the question of – is betting legal in India? The simple answer is Yes!
However, the legality of betting in India comes with a price. All online sports betting sites are under strict regulation to ensure fairness in their operations.

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