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IPL Betting Rates Odds

IPL Betting Rates Odds

Watching IPL Cricket is pretty fun with family and friends, whether it’s on a television set or in a live Cricket stadium. But it’s time Indian Cricket fans add some more excitement and thrill to the game. Check out all about IPL betting rates odds at Cricket Betting India and start betting on Cricket.

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Betfair Cricket Odds and Bet365 Cricket Odds are two of the best IPL betting rates odds Indian bettors can access to bet on Cricket matches.

IPL betting odds explained

IPL betting odds are not simple to understand. But we have made sure to present and explain every relevant detail of them. Keep reading to know how IPL betting rates odds work.

Proposition betting in IPL

Proposition IPL betting rates odds are the wagers made by the bettors on an entire team, an event that might happen during the Cricket match and such. It is never on the outcome of the match. Some of the proposition bettings includes:

Man of the match: Any player who performs exceptionally well in any particular match will be presented with Man of the Match award. Now, bettors can predict and place a bet on which player will receive the Man of the Match award in particular IPL Cricket matches.

To win the toss: Bettors can wager on the team that might win the toss during the beginning of the IPL Cricket match.

Top team bowler: This is a simple bet placed on a top bowler of each team. Top bowler is the player who takes the maximum number of wickets during that particular IPL match.

Top team batsman: Top batsmen of each team must be guessed by the punters and place a bet on them accordingly. Typically, bettors place bets on the player who will score a maximum number of runs in that match. There are IPL betting rates odds set aside for each player of any particular match.

Betting on total runs: Bookmaker will hold the responsibility of setting a score of runs that could be possibly scored by any particular team. Bettors either have to bet under or over the score placed by the bookmaker.

Highest opening partnership: Here bettors have to predict the team that will score the maximum number of runs before their first wicket is taken.

A fifty score in first innings of the match: Bettors have to just bet on a yes or no. Yes, a fifty can be scored by a team in its first innings or No, a fifty cannot be scored by a team in its first innings.

A hundred score in first innings of the match: This is similar to the above bet except players have to bet Yes or No on whether a hundred score can be made by a particular team in the IPL match.

Total runs in first innings: Bookmakers set the score that might be scored by the players in the first innings. Bettors bet under or over this betting limit.

Maximum run-outs: Bettors get to bet on which team might end up having the maximum number of run-outs in the particular IPL match.

Maximum sixes match: This comprises of IPL betting odds of which team might score a maximum number of sixes in the match.

Total match sixes: Total match sixes is over or under bet. Maximum limit of sixes is set by bookmaker and bettors to bet under or over that limit.

First wicket method: As the name suggests, the first wicket method is bet on the first wicket on any team and comes with 6 options. These 6 IPL betting rates odds options for bettors to bet on include Runout, Stumped, Caught, LBW, Bowled and Others.

IPL betting using futures betting

Future betting is more of betting on the winner of the entire IPL season. IPL betting rates odds of futures betting is set at the beginning of the season itself. Bettors have to bet on the Cricket IPL season winner during this period itself. This is a long term betting option, one that helps bettors predict the big outcome instead of too many small outcomes. There are also chances of IPL betting rates odds to change as the season goes by. Hence, bettors should maintain a watch on the season.

IPL betting through Moneyline Odds

Moneyline Odds is one way of IPL betting wherein bettors have to directly bet on the team that will win in the end. Moneyline Odds come defined by ‘+’ or ‘-‘ symbols in front of the integers. These symbols define the favourite or the underdog teams.

To explain with an example, consider two teams of Mumbai Indians with IPL betting rates odds of +300 and Rajasthan Royals with -400.

The team with a negative symbol indicates the favourite which in this case is Rajasthan Royals. Bettors got to invest Rs.400 to have a chance of winning back Rs. 100. For Rs.200 winnings, bettors have to bet Rs.800 and so on.

On the other hand, the team with positive symbol indicates underdog, here Mumbai Indians. In the case of an underdog, bettors have to wage Rs.100 and they can win back Rs.300.

IPL betting through match handicap

Cricket match handicap is one of the bets which are placed once the first team has a bat and completed its innings. This means, the first team bats and scores a run of 180, then the bookmaker can place +20.5 handicap for the next team. Also, this indicates -20.5 handicaps for the first team.

IPL live betting

In today’s times, bettors have several Cricket betting apps at their disposal through which they can bet live at IPL matches. This is the reason live IPL betting odds are becoming popular by the day. In live IPL betting, bettors access in-play betting.
In-play betting means bettors can guess and bet on events that might happen during the Cricket match. For example, bettors can guess that a team might finish with an odd number or even number of runs and bet on them.

IPL mobile betting

Mobile IPL betting rates odds allows bettors to bet through their mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. The bets can be placed anytime during the match or before the match itself. As mentioned before, bettors now have access to a number of standardised Cricket betting apps that can be downloaded on any of the mobile devices and bet easily from ones’ comfort zone. These apps also give a number of payment options for easy accessibility and payment of the betting amount.

Parlay betting in IPL

Parlay betting is essentially betting that can be done on more than one money line using only one ticket. This way, bettors get a chance to win back more money than what they have wagered. But bettors got to be pretty thorough with their wagering. They cannot make any mistakes in picking their bets on. If there is a mistake, they lose their entire wagering amount. Hence, this bet is often accessed by regular players or the experienced ones only.

IPL betting rates odds with Dead Heat Rule

Dead-heat is a rule applicable wherein more than one winner occurs in a betting outcome. For instance, if two of the batsmen end up scoring a similar number of runs, then the dead heat rules come into the picture. In this case, the original bet amount becomes half now.

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