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Cricket Betting Apps

For Indians, there is no other game like Cricket. It is loved by everyone irrespective of age, gender or religion. Not just for watching, many even love to bet on this incredible game and have been doing it so since decades now. Before bettings were made through telephonic conversation. Thanks to the invention of the Internet, these days punters get to bet through a number of Cricket betting apps online. Check out some of the best of Cricket betting apps currently trending in Indian market below.

  • Sportsbook Game- Bookie

Sportsbook Game – Bookie is designed to let gamblers bet virtually on actual sports matches. To place the bet, gamblers must use the virtual money itself but the Cricket odds are definitely real ones. The app is pretty easy to use. Once the gamblers have placed their bets, they can keep a track of their bet through the app on their smartphone. Gamblers also get to earn coins for the bets they win along with sharing their scores on social media sites. There is no bet limit and gamblers can bet free of cost.

Sportsbook Game – Bookie is not just one of the Cricket betting apps but you can also access other different sports of your choice. These include Tennis, Ice Hockey, Rugby, Handball, Soccer, Baseball, Volleyball, Basketball, and Football. The app is pretty compatible on Android devices and we bet the gamblers will enjoy it thoroughly

Betting apps for iPhone
Betting apps for iPhone

Finding a reputable betting site that offers a classic online sports gambling experience could be a challenging task. Especially, when it comes to Cricket and Indian Cricket fans who want to explore the best avenues of Cricket betting. Cricket Betting India  understands the pulse of every Indian... Read More

Betting apps for Android
Betting apps for Android

The best thing about Cricket betting apps for Android in India is that you get to bet right from your mobile device or tablet, no matter where you are. Are you having a slow day at work? Pull out your mobile at the water cooler and place... Read More

  • Bet365

Bet365 is one of the world’s leading online sports betting companies trusted by gamblers across the globe. It hosts the largest team of reliable bookmakers to provide honest services to the gamblers. This is one of the best Cricket betting apps in India that can be used by Indian punters for all kinds of Cricket matches including IPL betting. Gamblers are assured amazing Bet365 Cricket Odds and cash withdrawals are the swiftest they could get.

Check out for the latest of the Cricket betting tips, IPL betting tips, IPL betting rates odds, Cricket betting tips in Hindi and much more at Cricket Betting India to bet confidently at Bet365.

  • Bwin

Another impressive Cricket betting app for Indian gamblers is Bwin. Bwin has taken the entire gamblers’ world by storm and now its Indians turn to reap its benefits. This app can be accessed in 22 different languages and hosts a user-friendly interface. Those users who register with Bwin get video broadcast of ongoing sports for free. Bwin also hosts a number of other sports for betting other than Cricket. Gamblers can use the app to bet or even make a telephonic call to place their bet. No matter how you place the bet, you are assured higher odds at Bwin.

  • Betfair

To have explicit sports betting affair, access the ultimate Betfair Cricket betting apps from both Android and iOS devices. On this app, users can directly place their bet without needing to go through any bookmakers. This has made the Betfair app pretty popular among gamblers everywhere. With no bookmakers, you get to access the best of Betfair Cricket Odds from the device of your choice. Due to this, Betfair takes a fee varying between 5 and 7 per cent according to the betting amount. Regular bettors can expect some discounts on these fees along with some exciting offers.

  • Unibet

Unibet is one of the most popular sports betting apps for numerous sports including Cricket. Cricket fans can access this app through their Android or iOS device to enjoy both the game and betting in real-time. Punters can access some of the best and biggest sports events like FA cup, Grand Slam Tennis, the Champions League, and many such events right from India and even bet on them through the Unibet app.

Some of the outstanding features of the Unibet app are punters can bet both before and during the game. Unibet office is available 24/7 featuring over 30,000 sports events throughout the year, user-friendly interface and much more.

  • Ladbrokes

Britain-based sports betting site, Ladbrokes has extended their betting services to the Indian punters as well. Ladbrokes has gained global recognition through their exemplary betting services over a wide range of sports. Not only sports, but punters can also expect different offers and promotions time and again on this Cricket betting site in India.

  • 888 Sport

888 Sport betting apps for android is a must-have app for the bettors who wish to gamble from anywhere. Punters get to bet in real-time over different sports including Cricket. They are assured different bookers and the best of the odds one can ask for on their mobile app.

Punters can now get the 888 Sport Cricket betting apps for free and enjoy awesome benefits like an excellent collection of sports, betting in real-time, betting round the clock, punters can place a bet on different sports events, can shift easily from website to app with any current 888 Sport account, assured safe money transaction options and much more. The ease of navigation through 888 Sports Cricket betting apps is superb.

888 Sport is also one of the exceptional IPL betting sites punters can access from their smartphone.

  • Sportingbet

Sportingbet Cricket betting apps come with different sports betting options for punters. This includes live betting on real-time sports, spectacular mobile casino and much more. This is by far the easiest Cricket betting apps for Indian users.

Indian punters can definitely place their bet through this Cricket betting apps on their most favourite game of Cricket. However, Sportingbet also extends other sports betting services like that of Tennis, Football, Basketball, Golf, Ice Hockey and Volleyball. All the international sports events of these sports can be accessed through one touch on this betting app, along with service to watch live matches and also bet accordingly.

If this isn’t enough, Sportingbet offers punters to bet on multiple sports at a single time. Also, the app users get access to various promotions like daily bonus offer, VIP program and such.

Check out the above-mentioned Cricket betting apps and pick your favourite to bet on them. Get going now!

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